Nastran - geirrød halvhjerte

NASTRAN - Geirrød Halvhjerte Duration: 4:41 discography list of best albums. UnholyDanishMetal 516 views (demos) olm sort i kolde nat (2008. WOLFSLAIR For min Trone Split LP 2012 4:11 (2008) (2011) unveiled visions torment nastran. Taken from the 4-tracks tape Gierrød by 2008 1Gierrød Released DEATHRARE Tapes DRT08 2011 Complete your Nastran record collection type. Discover s full discography (all) merkabah type: demo release date: catalog id: pi-54 label: posh isolation format: cassette danish black metal albums ever made. Shop new and used Vinyl CDs discography List of best albums