Moribund punishment - "demonstration destruction"

Coupled with rent boycotts, labor strikes and international sanctions, the new wave of non-violent direct action separates the government from its means of support. It also helps push a new prime minister into negotiations for national elections in which blacks participate for the first time in South Africa's history and elect Nelson Mandela as president.

Countless Canadians have rallied behind Semrau since his arrest, convinced that he did the moral thing by putting a gravely injured insurgent “out of his misery” (a Facebook page set up in his honour has thousands of members). But Perron painted a very different portrait of the 36-year-old officer, saying he violated the military’s most basic rules of discipline and no longer deserves to serve. “Shooting a wounded, unarmed insurgent is so fundamentally contrary to our values, doctrine and training that it is shockingly unacceptable behaviour,” Perron said, pausing often to look Semrau in the eyes. “You made a decision that will cast a shadow on you for the rest of your life.”

I agree. It is very important for governments to ensure that "campaign contributions" are not used as a mechanism to gain access to politicians and to policymaking. To safeguard democracy and democratic institutions, governments have to ensure that money does not pervert the political process. Hence the importance of transparency and accountability.

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