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The team finally became known as Associazione Calcio Siena in 1933–34. In 1934–35, Siena were promoted for the first time to Serie B. In the post-war 1945–46 season , Siena played in the top division of Italian football for the first time. During that season, a mixed wartime league was composed of both Serie A and Serie B teams. Some of the southern sides that took part in the top division, including Siena, were Serie B teams, while northern Serie B teams played at the second level with the Serie C teams. Therefore, although Siena played in the top division, it was not considered as having officially played in Serie A during that season and not having qualified for the National Round.

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Riccardo Fogli - RicordatiRiccardo Fogli - RicordatiRiccardo Fogli - RicordatiRiccardo Fogli - Ricordati