Riverside jazz band - on the funny side of the riverside

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Rhythm section consists of the percussion , double bass or bass guitar , and usually at least one instrument capable of playing chords , such as a piano , guitar , Hammond organ or vibraphone ; most will usually have more than one of these. The standard rhythm section is piano, bass, and drums, [2] augmented by guitar at times in small combos and regularly in large ones. Some large swing era orchestras also employed an additional piano, accordion , and banjo .

The band also performs for private and community events. Click on the contact tab to inquire about obtaining the band for your event. The LJO has recorded 3 albums which are available on our contact page .

The band’s repertoire takes you right back to the roaring twenties and features songs from all the top jazz and swing acts of the last century including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday

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We have a few plans for this year. For now, we're resting after the tour (with the exception of a couple of busy members of the band ;-)) but soon we'll be back with summer concerts and the autumn leg of the Towards the Blue Horizon Tour, which will visit Denmark (for the first time), Sweden, Finland and Norway. We're thinking of playing three more concerts in Poland in the cities we haven't visited for a long time. Also this year, we will start recording our new studio album and we'll tell you more about it all soon.

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Riverside Jazz Band - On The Funny Side Of The RiversideRiverside Jazz Band - On The Funny Side Of The RiversideRiverside Jazz Band - On The Funny Side Of The RiversideRiverside Jazz Band - On The Funny Side Of The Riverside