Einstürzende neubauten - nag nag nag

1. RIXE – larmes de crocodile
2. SPERMA – no more love
3. BLACK METAL FOR MY FUNERAL – still looking
4. GUN CLUB – black train
5. TOYOTA – a okay
6. CRAVATS – Gordon
7. ISS – it’s a chore
8. CULT OF THE PSYCHIC FETUS – night in the life
9. ISOTOPE SOAP – reversed big bang
10. WIGSVILLE SPLIFFS – born to ride
11. GEE TEE – z-zero
12. THE RETARDED RATS – the head and the axe
13. DIGITAL LEATHER – into the ground
14. THE TRILLIONAIRS – haunted
15. TROP TARD – why not?
16. RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS – blank generation
17. WONDER BREAD – so cool
18. BIRTHDAY PARTY – Sonny’s burning

Goldenthal composed a cue called " Hand in Hand " originally meant to be played over the end scene, but it was replaced by Moby's "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters", so he used it, replacing guitars with bagpipes, instead for the end titles to Michael Collins . A clip of the track as it was meant to be heard in Heat can be heard below. There is also an "extended version" of the score in bootleg form, with several tracks (including "Hand in Hand") which can be heard in the film but are not on the score released, available on the internet. [2] [3]

Einstürzende Neubauten - Nag Nag NagEinstürzende Neubauten - Nag Nag NagEinstürzende Neubauten - Nag Nag NagEinstürzende Neubauten - Nag Nag Nag